The US Thanksgiving is a few days away and what better way to prepare for the festive occasion is by making paper crafts. It’s the busiest time of the year but with enough planning and preparation, might be the best time to come up with very creative ideas.

Here are some Thanksgiving arts and crafts ideas for kids — probably adults can join – as a way of spending collective quality time or while waiting for the Thanksgiving dinner. These arts and crafts with paper come with steps on how to make and materials.

1. Felt and pine cone turkeys

Since turkeys are the stars of Thanksgiving (up to them whether this is good or bad), here’s a tribute to their perpetual presence during the occasion. This cute and colorful turkeys are easy to make and can provide a chance for your children to be pre-occupied while you finish the items for your dinner.

Materials needed:

• Pine cones

• Felt papers (black and other colors)

• Glue

• Scissors


1. Using the paper and scissors, cut the face, eyes, beak, back feathers and the feet of the turkeys.

2. Glue the back feathers at the wider part of the cone.

3. Glue the feet at the bottom of the cone while putting the face and its features at the slimmer part of the cone.

4. Place the finished turkeys near each plate on the table.

2. Woven Paper Placemat

Here’s a project that is not only for Thanksgiving but will develop your child’s motor skills with this woven paper placemats. These beautiful additions to the dinner table will excite the senses of your children and make them grateful for another year of blessings.

Materials needed:

• Large construction paper in fall colors

• Clear sticky tape

• Scissors


1. Make parallel line cuts in the construction paper after folding it in half horizontally. Make the cuts 1-inch apart and leave a 1-inch border at the edge.

2. With another construction paper of contrasting color, cut horizontally to have the same 1-inch strips and 12 inches in length.

3. Guide your child to weave the strips over and under and alternatively to create the placemat pattern. Encourage your child to make creative alternate weaves with more than one contrasting color.

4. After the finishing the alternate weaving, seal the edges of the placemats with the tape. This placemat can be used not only on the dining tables but a good paper craft decoration for other furniture.

3. Tree of Gratitude

Make your children be aware of the things they need to be thankful for. This Tree of Gratitude will promote the spirit of Thanksgiving and also shows what are the things parents and family members are thankful of.

Material needed:

• Construction paper

• Pair of scissors

• Colored markers

• Small branch of bush or tree

• Glue

• Can or small vase

• Stones


1. Gather a bush or tree branch where you can put your paper leaves.

2. Cut leave patterns from the construction paper.

3. Ask family members what they are thankful for and write them on the leaves.

4. Glue the leaves on the branches.

5. Stand the main tree branch in a can or vase and secure its standing form with stones

Not only are these paper craft items providing hours of enjoyment to your kids but these symbols promote awareness why the occasion is being celebrated. It is also a great time to bond with your children in spite of the busy holidays and shopping.

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