In this world of digital marketing, a set of people called influencers have emerged. Influencer marketing is a powerful tool which leverages on the capability to influence and promote content-driven campaigns. In the paper art industry, there are notable influencers who provide the impact most paper producers require. Will they add significance, creativity, and viability to the business?

But first, let’s define who these influencers are.

Influencers: Making the Difference

How do influencers convince people in their niche markets and how can we measure their effectiveness? Are influencers still important or shall we consider other marketing strategies? The resounding answer is: Yes.

Now, there’s an observed difference between macro-influencers and micro-influencers. Let’s look at their common definition: someone who has established an engaged audience on a social media platform – like Instagram – and who leverages their credibility, authenticity, and trustworthiness to attract and persuade their audience to make a decision to convert.

The main difference lies in the number of their followers. Micro-influencers usually have less than 10,000 followers while macro-influencers have followers north of this number. But this doesn’t mean that the former is less effective than the latter. The main difference will depend on one business capability – cost. Their use will realistically rely on the marketing intent and budget for the campaigns.

Influencers of Paper Art

Let’s focus on some significant influencers in the paper art industry and their impact on digital marketing.

1. Ann Martin (All Things Paper)

Ann Martin is a Delaware-based quilling paper artist and blogger. She promotes creative paper art and paper craft through the art of quilling. The artistic technique is accomplished through coiling and scrolling paper to create different and creative objects. Her love for paper art gave birth to the blog, All Things Paper. Her other famous work is quilling paper jewelry. In addition, her passion led her to write a book called “The Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry.”

2. Peter Dahmen (Paper Design)

Designer and paper artist, Peter Dahmen, specializes in the creation of pop-up cards and folded objects constructed from paper and cardboard. He is also a popular YouTube artist which increased his popularity not only from his base in Dortmund but such countries as Israel and Germany to name a few.
He started creating pop-up sculptures since 1989 and according to him, the most important trait that a paper artist should have is patience.

3. Georgia O’Keefe (Painted Paper Art)

Wisconsin-born Georgia O’Keefe inspires children to paint her favorite farm-inspired art, the painting of barns. She provides digital painting lessons and currently has two projects where children can enroll. Her web site, Painted Paper Art, provides art lessons by subject, grade level, and technique.  She had taught elementary art for 20 years in Ohio. She has about 12,000 fans on Facebook.

There are other influencers worth mentioning. In this combined world of paper art and digital marketing, having the credibility, authenticity, and the significant number of followers all have a definite impact on the industry which continues to exist. We will feature other influencers in the next articles. Stay tuned for more!

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