There is a current perception that with our continuing transformation to digital technology, the paper and print industry will become extinct just like what happened to dinosaurs. Well, think again…

Those with this kind of thinking are unaware of the impact this industry has on education. Paper and print services are here to stay no matter what the high technology realm brings. They will undergo some innovative changes but they will remain with us for a long time.

Paper will always be an important component in the education market even if most students are reading and completing their schoolwork via iPads. Although the e-learning sector has grown leaps and bounds in today’s digital transformation, printed documents and forms are still in demand due to various applications and use.

Let’s look into some reasons why the paper and print sector is existing for all the right and practical reasons. These items will enlighten you that paper and print are here to stay.


Even with the dawn of digital gadgets and ebooks, printed books will not diminish. You don’t need batteries or a power charger when you want to read a book. Besides, some people still like the smell of newly-printed books and you don’t see them smelling their iPads. When studying, students still would like to use their highlighters in different colors. They want to see the most important lines or paragraphs in various colors.


There are studies that show handwritten note-taking is beneficial than electronic or digital platforms. The logic behind this is that writing down notes offer less distraction compared to gadgets or laptops during lectures — with or without the Internet. Active listening can easily be distracted when using gadgets as compared to the focus of taking notes on paper. Moreover, there are studies that show writing helps to internalize learning and makes the brain follow the lecture more than when using gadgets.

Arts and crafts

When in school, learning arts and crafts will not be complete without the use of paper. Paper of all kinds – art, poster, cardboard, construction, specialty, and the likes – are all used for projects and to make art objects. The aim is to develop children’s visual and sensory skills while involving arts in education. Think about paper cutting, quilling, scrapbooking, origami and a thousand other ideas for papercrafts.

Report cards

The recording and grading of student performance will never be complete without the usual report cards (they are still on paper). Yes, the grading document can be emailed to the electronic inboxes of parents but isn’t it there are allotted days when parents have to be physically present to receive their children’s report cards? This teacher-parent meeting to discuss the child’s academic performance will not be possible if all report cards have to be emailed. In addition, it offers a great chance of socializing with other parents and seeing your child’s schoolmates.

School records

How about a diploma or transcript of records? Paper forms of these milestones will never be complete if they are not held in your hands. To make these documents authentic, they are complemented with school logos, watermarks, and dry seals. Imagine during graduation rights…wouldn’t it be nicer to hold a piece of rolled paper rather than an electronic stick or storage device?

With the paper forms mentioned, it is testimony that paper and print will never be extinct for as long as there is a practical need for them. Humans are visual and tactile by nature. They still would like to see and feel things with their eyes and hands. As long as there are years of education to complete for each person, paper will always be present in our lives.

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